Un monde, un souffle

We are calling on companies across Canada to declare their commitment to breathing and employee wellness. The Take a Breather corporate wellness program is designed to improve the lung health and well-being of employees. Certified Respiratory Educators will provide employees with the opportunity to learn how to manage stress, improve overall health and increase productivity. Throughout the year, we’ll help you to create happier and healthier workplaces, and galvanize employees to harness the transformational power of breathing. It's easy to do. Work stations, conference rooms and other available on-site areas will become breathing spaces where employees can reconnect with their breath.

Week 3 Wellness

Together, we will spark a movement that focuses on what matters most — breathing. By rallying all Canadians around breathing, we can use our united strengths and smarts to ignite exciting new possibilities in the lab, light a fire under policy makers, and trigger a change in our behaviors. We can radically change the conversation about breathing in Canada and the way we think about our breath. Please contact Adryon Thompson at athompson@breathingasone.ca to get started.