Step One:
Read through our toolkit and get some ideas on how to promote the Breath of Spring campaign in your workplace. You can download the toolkit, posters, postcards, factsheets and order forms here.

Step Two:
Advise your local Lung Association contact that you are going to participate and be the point of sales person for your company. We can help you every step of the way and give you more ideas on how we can promote your efforts. Consider setting a goal….how many do you think you and your colleagues can sell?

Step Three:
Have fun! Actively promote the sale of tulips and ferns in your workplace and collect your colleagues’ orders through the provided order forms. Then place your order either through your local Lung Association contact or online. Also ensure that you keep your colleagues up-to-date of timelines and how the office fundraiser is going.

Step Four:
Be the contact when the tulips and ferns are delivered to your workplace. Follow up with those who have made an order. Remember all money must be received either prior to or at the time of delivery.

Step Five:
Remember to say thank you to your team and colleagues! Send out a note to everyone, thanking them for being part of a part of a breathing movement that is making real change happen.

Bringing Your Co-Workers Onboard
Does your workplace have an event organizing or social committee? If so, that is the first logical place to go for extra helping hands for your workplace fundraiser. If these committees don’t exist, here’s your chance to create one. Recruit co-workers with different skill sets and who are committed to putting on a successful event to benefit the cause.

If you want to reach a larger group, send out an email or post the information on an internal newsletter or intranet. Hanging posters in common areas is also a great way to recruit.

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