What is Step Up and Breathe?

Our Step Up & Breathe events are one of The Lung Association’s signature fundraising events. These unique climb and pull events either challenge individuals to haul vehicles in the shortest time possible or they are hosted in prominent buildings across the province and challenge participants to walk, run or race up hundreds of steps.

Our events vary in the number of flights and stairs to climb or types of unique vehicles to pull, but each event offers an opportunity for teams and individuals to challenge themselves. Whether you are climbing as a part of a healthy lifestyle, to beat your previous time or in honour of all those affected by lung disease, you will achieve a sense of personal accomplishment as you reach the height of your fundraising potential.

Every step you take makes Ontario the best place to breathe for all of us who share the air - those who have lung disease and those of us who don’t, and hopefully never will.

See what climbs or pull events are happening in your area and visit our Step Up & Breathe Events website to learn more.

Why we climb

We climb for our friends and loved ones who suffer from lung disease. Here are some incredible stories to show how your support is making an incredible difference.

Walter Dekker

Walter, who starts each day with 60 pushups to open his air passages, says about stairclimbing “It’s good exercise for the lungs and heart.  Stay fit.  Your body will thank you for it”.
Walter Dekker, 92 yrs old. 2017 Steeltown Stairclimb Ambassador

Jennifer Sheldrick

Jennifer starting stair climbing 4 years ago to improve her health.  She developed Pleural effusion which is when fluid builds up between your rib cage and lungs, This resulted in collapsing 90% of her lung.  Wanting to still be active, she slowly built up her physical fitness and continues to enjoy stairclimbing today.
Jennifer Sheldrick, Volunteer